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Please view the following Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to common questions about BPN 2.0 and joining Blue Planet Network. We also have a set of demo videos that walk you through using BPN 2.0, our new online platform.

If you cannot find answers to your questions, please contact Georgia Davis, Network Community Manager.

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BPN 2.0 Help and Demo Videos

Click here for help using BPN 2.0.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: We will be building out our Frequently Asked Questions based on the comments we receive from our members.
So please check back here to learn more in the coming months, and let us know how else we can help you.

The Basics

What is BPN 2.0?

BPN 2.0 is Blue Planet Network’s next generation online platform, designed to help our members improve the planning, implementation, long-term monitoring and evaluation of their water and sanitation (WASH) projects. BPN 2.0 builds upon the experience we gained from our original online platform, Peer Water Exchange (PWX), in use since its launch in 2006. BPN 2.0 adds a redesigned, engaging user experience plus important new services, e.g. Dashboards, Google Earth project map views, and Project Matching, based on what our members told us they need to create lasting clean water and sanitation for people in need. For information on individual features and services, please check out our demo videos.

How Does BPN 2.0 Work?

BPN 2.0, Blue Planet Network’s new online platform, is designed to help you increase the effectiveness and impact of your work so that more people in need can get the lasting clean water and sanitation they deserve.

BPN 2.0 offers two types of member services and tools:
The first type includes planning, monitoring and reporting tools for an individual organization.  They are designed to improve project quality and efficiency, while helping to promote your good work to the sector and to potential donors.

In order to take advantage of these tools, the primary contact from your organization must first add your project’s profile to BPN2.0. You then can add people with roles in the project implementation and give them log-in access to your organization dashboard and that project profile.  Anyone with a log-in can add descriptive updates directly on the project page, or via text message. You also can design metrics for the project so that field staff can submit a measurement or an observation at any time. Each measurement or observation submitted will build an automatically generating chart to help you stay on top of project status and sustainability over time. For more detail and to see how this works in practice, we recommend you watch the Project Outputs demo video.

The second type includes collaborative tools that facilitate sharing between your organization and other Blue Planet Network members. This collaboration happens through Peer Evaluation Workshops, where members are assigned to review and post questions about each other’s WASH Plans and suggestions about how to strengthen them. The reviewers are selected from members operating in the same country or region, or members with similar areas of expertize to the applicant. These online discussions cover a wide variety of issues, for example the cost of drilling a borehole in some particular environment, the water supply management approach the organization is proposing, the hygiene education results they expect to achieve, or details about the project’s monitoring and research component.

How is my project information structured on this platform?

A project on Blue Planet Network has three levels:

* Before defining project locations, the implementing organization should decide the political / geographical level where they would like project data and updates to cumulate. For example, in a large household sanitation project, it may be best to define project locations by district or village, rather than at the household level.

**All of the field updates and metrics for an output are stored and displayed at the output level. Every single piece of information and data submitted to the platform for that output is displayed on this page.

Can we put our already funded or completed projects on the platform?

Absolutely! Blue Planet Network members are strongly encouraged to upload all of their past and present water and sanitation projects on our platform in order to take full advantage of our management, monitoring and analytic services. This involves completing a project data spreadsheet, and reviewing the information for accuracy once the Blue Planet Network team has uploaded it onto our platform. Once on the platform, the member can make regular updates to any project about its implementation or ongoing status, identify and act on trends, and more effectively ensure its long-term success.

What is the relation between Blue Planet Network, Peer Water Exchange (PWX) and BPN 2.0?

Blue Planet Network, the organization started by Jin Zidell in 2002 and now a program of Thrive Networks, has the mission of exponentially increasing the impact of safe drinking water programs for people worldwide.  PWX is the original, award-winning online platform, developed by Blue Planet Network, and used by our members from 2006 until 2014, for WASH project planning, implementation, and long-term monitoring and evaluation.

BPN 2.0, our next-generation online platform, is built upon the experience gained from PWX and member feedback.  Our goal is to continue the benefits of PWX, while creating an even more engaging, easy-to-use user experience and many new, valuable features, e.g. Dashboards, Google Earth project mapping, and Project Matching.  All the project data, conversations, etc. on PWX will be migrated over to BPN 2.0.  Once that has been completed and tested to our satisfaction, PWX will be retired.

Joining Blue Planet Network

I am an implementer in the WASH sector. How do I join Blue Planet Network?

Membership in Blue Planet Network happens by referral from an existing member. If you are interested in joining, we ask that you contact a current member and request a referral.  After this, you will be asked to complete a few questions about your organization, the work you do, and why you are seeking membership in Blue Planet Network. You will be matched with existing members to answer your questions and see if membership in Blue Planet Network is a good fit for your organization. The most important criteria for membership are 1) solid experience in water, sanitation and hygiene work; and 2) a desire to share this experience and your organization’s knowledge with other organizations to raise our collective capacity to enable safe drinking water for those in need. 

Can other types of organizations or individuals join Blue Planet Network?

Absolutely.  Blue Planet Network is building a global community of implementers, funders, researchers, governments, community organizations and individuals who are committed to creating sustainable water and sanitation solutions. A diversity of membership makes us a stronger network and furthers our goals of knowledge sharing, unlocking great ideas and increasing their impact. For further information, please contact us to learn more.  Thank you for your interest!

What does Blue Planet Network look for in a new member?

Blue Planet Network seeks a wide variety of WASH organizations for membership, from young, small groups to large, global organizations. We look for organizations that are totally committed to creating, supporting and delivering high quality WASH interventions.  They demonstrate an openness and willingness to share their experiences, as well as their challenges, with other Blue Planet Network members, so that all can benefit from the knowledge these experiences bring.

Funding Projects Through Blue Planet Network

How does an interested donor fund specific WASH projects through Blue Planet Network?

If a donor is interested in funding a particular WASH project through Blue Planet Network, we encourage the donor to contact us and we will reach out to understand their objectives and meet their needs.

Do individual donors determine which projects they fund?

If an individual, company or agency is able to fund an entire project, then we work with them to determine which project best meets their needs.  Individual water and sanitation donations are pooled in our general project fund and allocated based on peer evaluation.

What does Blue Planet Network charge for project funding through the platform?

For projects funded through the BPN 2.0 platform, Blue Planet Network charges a percentage of the implementer's project costs for our management and tracking tools and services. This fee is paid by the funder and is negotiable based on project size or funding volume.

How much does this cost?

It depends on the amount of work on our end to get the data into the system and other support services. Please contact us for an estimate. In all cases, we attempt to make the process extremely cost effective.

Finally ...

Q. How Do I Ask Questions about BPN 2.0 or Make Suggestions?

The best way is to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are eager to hear your comments and look forward to improving our work based on them!