Blue Planet Network - Telerivet Partnership

To make it easier and less expensive for you to monitor and maintain your water and sanitation projects, Blue Planet Network has teamed up with Telerivet. Telerivet lets you send project output metrics and field notes to your Blue Planet Network project page from anywhere in the world for no more than the cost of a local text.  Telerivet sidesteps the high price charges of international SMS plans by using a standard Android-based smartphone to serve as a simple "relay" for SMS messages from the field to the Blue Planet Network system.

Telerivet offers each Blue Planet Network member the ability to maintain your own accounts and choose an SMS plan that works for you. Plans range from absolutely free (for up to 100 messages a day, which is suitable for the majority of our users) to $125/month (for 20,000 messages a day). Blue Planet Network members can choose to pay fees month-to-month or annually, and manage their billing and other preferences directly within Telerivet.

Learn more about how Telerivet works.

There are two basic steps to setting up Telerivet on Blue Planet Network:

  1. 1. Creating a free Telerivet account and instructing it to interface with Blue Planet Network;
  2. 2. Install the Android app on your phone to establish communication between your phone and Telerivet.
  3. 3. Send project code prefixes to field staff so SMS messages can be sent to the correct project output on Blue Planet Network.

Creating a Telerivet Account

Follow these instructions to set up a Telerivet account:

  1. 1. Visit and click "Get Started" in the upper right hand corner to sign up for an account.

Get Started Screen

  1. 2. After signing up for an account, you will automatically be taken to your Telerivet Dashboard.  Click on the "Untitled Project" button to create a new project called "Blue Planet Network."

unititled project

  1. 3. Choose the appropriate billing settings. We suggest selecting the free account to start out.  It gives you 100 free text messages a month.

  2. 4. Click "Set up an automated service tab in the Setup window.

  1. 5. Select the "Application on your own server" tab.

  2. 6. Telerivet requires you to verify your email address before proceeding. Open the email account you linked to your Telerivet account and find the message from Telerivet. Either click on the "Verify Button" in your email or input the verification code sent with the email.

  1. 7. Fill out the form with the following data:
    Service Name: Blue Planet Network Webhook
    What Webhook URL should Telerivet send incoming messages to:
    What types of messages should Telerivet forward to your Webhook URL: SMS messages, MMS messages
    Should Telerivet forward messages from shortcodes or non-numeric senders to your Webhook URL: No, ignore these messages

Make a note of your Webhook Secret.  You will need to enter it on your member profile on the Blue Planet Network site. Click the "Done" button.

Webhook Secret


Configuring Your Android Smartphone With The Telerivet App

  1. 1. On your Android smartphone, click on the Google Play Store icon. You will need to connect your Android phone to a Google Account if you have not already done so.
  1. 2. Search for Telerivet.  Then install the Telerivet App.

  1. 3. Open the Telerivet App and select "Log in to existing account." On the next screen, add your email address and password (it is the same one you used to set up your  Telerivet account) and then click on the "Log In" button.

  1. 4.  Complete your setup using the settings below.  You can test the Telerivet service by sending a text message to the Android smartphone.

  1. 5. Click "Messages" to see if your text was received. You should see your text in the conversation list.

Finally, to allow Telerivet to interface with Blue Planet Network, you need enter two values in your Telerivet Account:

  1. 1. Your "Webhook Secret" value (available from the page presented after creating the service above) or from your Telerivet Services Tab

  1. 2. Your "API Key" value (available on the your Telerivet Services Tab ) by clicking the "API Documentation" link.

On your Organization Profile page, under the "Integrations" section:

  1. 1. Fill out the "Telerivet Secret" field with the value of the "Webhook Secret" above;
  2. 2. Fill out the "Telerivet API Key" field with the value of the "API Key" above
  3. 3. Click "Save Profile" to establish communication between the two systems.

Field Staff Mobile Phone Set-Up

Field staff will need the number of the Android mobile phone located in their country and the Blue Planet Network project output prefix code to make updates and report on metrics.

  1. 1. Updates codes always start with an "a" followed by a number.
  2. 2. Metric codes always start with a "m" followed by a number.

The prefix code for Updates can be found in the Updates area of your output.

Telerivet Help

A prefix code is automatically generated for each Metric you define for an output.

Telerivet Help

Congratulations on your new Telerivet set up!