Peer Evaluation Service

Empowering members to offer feedback and learn from each other to improve the planning, implementing and maintenance of their work.

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Blue Planet Network's Peer Evaluation service encourages members to provide feedback on each other's water and sanitation plans to increase their chance for long-term success. Nearly 250 project plans have been peer evaluated on Blue Planet Network. An early form of "crowd-sourcing", peer evaluation encourages members to learn from each other and share their experiences for the benefit of all. It also provides a higher level of project evaluation rigor to increase funder confidence.

In 2013, we had our largest-to-date Peer Evaluation learning round to improve member projects.
23 members submitted 35 projects in 12 countries totaling $1.2 million.

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Blue Planet Network will be evolving Peer Evaluation into a new "Blue Planet Verified" service. It has all the benefits of peer evaluation, with the additional important advancement that all project plans have been peer evaluated across a robust set of common criteria generally accepted as critical to sustainable impact. This means "Blue Planet Verified" plans can be compared across country, implementer, methods and other variables. This gives funders an important tool for evaluating the potential of the plan and the alignment with their strategic objectives. It gives the implementer a third party endorsement of quality, by experts in their field, that validates the work they do to the entire world, while helping them to continuously improve.

It’s time to get expert advice!

"Blue Planet Network's peer evaluation platform fills a critical gap in the WASH sector."

-- Carolyn Crowley Meub, Executive Director, Pure Water for the World


"This site has created a real breakthrough approach, providing the coordination, information and evaluation so critical for the success of water improvement projects. Blue Planet Network's community also provides easy access to best practices, helping water groups grow stronger and more effective through collaboration and peer evaluation."

-- Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Congressman, 3rd District, Oregon
Co-Sponsor of the Paul Simon 2005 Water For The Poor Act and 2009 Water For The World Act