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Connecting funders to high quality organizations and water and sanitation projects that meet their specific requirements.

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WASH project matching

All types of funders can easily find project plans suited to their needs and vetted for quality through the Peer Evaluation process by expert program implementers. Funders with Blue Planet Network Dashboards can quickly find projects that meet their criteria on their Dashboard Opportunities tab. Blue Planet Network staff also help funders and implementers forge new, valuable relationships throughout the year. As a result, funders not only can invest with confidence in projects showcased on Blue Planet Network, but also receive online updates throughout implementation and beyond to understand the full impact of their support.

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Implementers can promote their Peer Evaluated project plans online on Blue Planet Network's Projects In Need Of Funding. This third party quality endorsement and the ease with which prospective funders can review an implementer's project history strengthen both fundraising efforts and long-term project potential.

It’s time to hook up!

"The problem was a lack of familiarity and trust with a new organization. We learned that we can always do a better job of explaining and leveraging our experience to show the District Water Offices the benefits of our partnership. Blue Planet Network helped us showcase and explain the value of our work."

-- Dan Wolf, Founder and Executive Director, International Lifeline Fund