February 28, 2015

Meet Three Water Heroes

We want to share the stories of three remarkable people in our Blue Planet Network community who decided to make a difference. These changemakers used their unique talents to help bring lasting safe drinking water to those in need around the world. Thank you, David, Rudi, and Ariana!

Meet Three Water Heroes

Our Water Heroes are solving the water crisis, one story at a time.

David Christof has been a Global Messenger for Water with Blue Planet Network since 2007. He is back on the road raising money for life-changing water projects with his Run Around the USA. From January to June of 2015, David will run 21 marathons and speak at schools across the United States to raise awareness and funds for Blue Planet Network member Drink Local. Drink Tap’s school water project in Uganda. Read about his past campaigns running from Prague to London, Prague to Morocco, and through Jordan to raise money for water projects and encourage students that they can make a difference in fighting the water crisis. Invite him to speak at your school and donate to his campaign today!

Rudi Dundas has traveled all over the world photographing Blue Planet Network members’ projects and the people and communities affected by a lack of clean drinking water. She has photographed the people of West Bengal, India (Project Well), the Samburu people of northern Kenya (The Samburu Project), the Maasai Mara of southern Kenya (Sabore’s Well), and Ethiopia's Sidamo and Omo River Valley regions (PCI). Dundas hopes her portraits and project documentation will bring awareness and connection to our world’s water problems. She was recently nominated for a Lucie Award as International Photographer of the Year and has a reception of her work, The Face of Water, at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco through April 30th. Please stop by!

A Bat Mitzvah is a major milestone in a Jewish girl's life - and it also can be an opportunity to help people understand what they can do to help bring safe drinking water to those in need. Just ask Ariana Lushtak in northern California. She told her friends and family about the water crisis and sold beautiful handmade soaps to raise $453 that will help over 10 people gain water, health and a better future for years to come. Thank you, Ariana!

Please be inspired by these Water Heroes to get involved​ and help lasting clean water flow for everyone!

Photo of David Christof courtesy of David. Photo of Rudi Dundas by Chris Majors. Photo of Ariana Lushtak courtesy of Anna Lushtak.