Run Around the USA: 21 Marathons, 21 Schools, Inspiring Thousands

In 2015 David Chrištof will circumnavigate North America to reach students with a powerful safe drinking water awareness campaign, all while raising funds for Blue Planet Network member Drink Local Drink Tap to build new wells for schools in Uganda.

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David in Moscow

David Chrištof
Blue Planet Network Global Messenger
Philanthropist – Athlete – Public Speaker

David is helping to solve the world water crisis by organizing and executing long-distance charity runs. To date, David’s philanthropic journeys have reached thousands of students and fundraised over $38,000 for charity. Ask David if he can visit YOUR school!

Run Around the USA campaign goals

Drink Local. Drink Tap.

Learn about Drink Local. Drink Tap.'s project in Uganda

With David’s fundraising help, Drink Local. Drink Tap will bring 2 wells to the schools of Wabilgalo and Wantabya in Uganda. Listen to an interview with Wabigalo Primary School head teacher, Molly, and watch the video below by Drink Local. Drink Tap. to understand a day in the life of a child of Wantabya Kkizongo Primary School. These children spend 3-4 hours each day fetching water that is 1.3 miles away, only to bring back unclean water that brings serious illness and keeps them out of school. These problems will be eliminated with the installation of wells made possible by Drink Local. Drink Tap. For more information, see Drink Local. Drink Tap.'s project plans on Blue Planet Network

Partnering for a Cause

David has been a Global Messenger for Water with Blue Planet Network since 2007. Over the years, he has brought water educations to thousands of students and raised over $38,000 for the safe drinking water projects of Blue Planet Network members, who work tirelessly building in the field and continually monitoring and sharing their water systems on Blue Planet Network for lasting impact.

"I love endurance-adventure, helping others, and the cause of safe drinking water is very dear to me. The fact that about 6,000 people die every single day because of lack of access to safe drinking water is very alarming. We need to realize how fortunate we all are by not having to think about such a basic need as safe drinking water. One fifth of the world does not have this luxury, and it is our duty to help."
Blue Planet Run 2007

David's Journey

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David crosing the Charles Bridge

David running across Prague's Charles Bridge early in the morning during his 2012 run.