January 2014

2013 Year In Review

Thank you for being part of the Blue Planet Network community! Your invaluable commitment helps us support our 107 members around the world to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for communities in need. Together, we have accomplished so much...

2013 Year in Review - global water projects

The number of people whose lives have been transformed by our members'
water and sanitation projects managed and tracked on Blue Planet Network

The number of communities in 27 countries with clean water or sanitation
as a result of member projects on Blue Planet Network

Our leading water and sanitation member organizations, sharing
their results and insights to improve each other's work

The dollar amount of member programs on Blue Planet Network
that can be shared, analyzed and leveraged to improve future work

Many new Blue Planet Network services and events in 2013 helped our members achieve these results. The most important was our merger with East Meets West, which will allow us to grow into a more robust organization to test out new approaches that have even greater impact.

Safe drinking water and sanitation are the first steps to health, education, and helping communities create the futures they want.

With your continued support, we commit to doing even more in 2014 and sharing our progress with you.

Thank you,

Lisa Nash

Lisa and the East Meets West-Blue Planet Network team



Development of Our Platform, Tools and Programs

We made major updates to features of our online platform. We expanded our SMS and Android monitoring services and our data tracking and analysis tools to help our members better plan, manage, monitor, and share their work with others.

Stories of Water Photo Gallery
Stories of Water Launch

Check out our captivating gallery featuring thousands of photographs, videos and stories that volunteer photographers and travelers have shared with us. These stories put a "human face" on the impact of safe drinking water and sanitation for the communities we serve.

mBillionth Environment Award

Blue Planet Network won the 2013 mBillionth Environment Award for developing an innovative mobile monitoring service for the global water sector. The easier we can make it to monitor projects, the more our members can ensure the long-term success of their work.

East Meets West US Staff
East Meets West Merger

In September, Blue Planet Network merged with East Meets West (EMW), one of our members since 2006. Together, our goals are to accelerate innovative program pilots and learning on our platform. We will continue to scale the impact of our member projects and are already working with several members on new programs we hope to launch later this year. We are excited about the opportunity this brings to deliver on our paramount goal: More Safe Drinking Water → To More People → More Sustainably

Our Largest Peer Evaluation Round

We have just completed our 2013 Blue Planet Network Peer Evaluation Round. Twenty-three members submitted 25 project plans for peer evaluation totaling $1.2 million – making it the largest Peer Evaluation Round Blue Planet Network has ever held. Project plans were vetted by about 5-7 Blue Planet Network members. More than 70 online conversations were held, enabling members to exchange knowledge about project experiences and to offer suggestions for project improvement. Many participants expressed excitement and felt they contributed to greater learning across the water sector. Check out the projects!

BPN2.0: Stay Tuned...

We have been working for over a year with our members, and our technology innovation partner, CauseLabs, on the next generation of our online platform, BPN2.0. We will begin to roll out the first phase in a few months. This work will improve how we support our members, and make it easier for the public to review and understand the great work our members are doing. We will keep you informed as the excitement begins – stay tuned!