Water doesn't just "happen." It takes hard work and limitless passion.

Water, Women and Equality: Meet Kristen

On this 10th anniversary of The Samburu Project, Founder and Executive Director Kristen Kosinski talks about the power of the women in Samburu and how Blue Planet Network has helped her share that inspirational story around the world.

"Blue Planet Network has been such a tremendous gift to The Samburu Project. Each project is alive...there is a place that people can go to see updates on what is happening."

Kristen is committed to the equality that water brings to women and she is making it a reality in northern Kenya. Where there is water, there is greater equality for women by means of better health, greater income, community leadership opportunities, and education. Kristen is focused on the long-term success of her projects - well beyond the ribbon-cutting ceremony - and giving equal access to the women of Samburu so they can achieve all they can…and pass those lessons down to their daughters.

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Sunday, March 22nd: The Woodside Walk for Water (Woodside, California)

Sunday, April 19th: The Walk for Water & Pancake Breakfast (Hermosa Beach, California)

Sunday, April 25th: Inaugural Central Wisconsin Walk for Water (Mosinee, Wisconsin)

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What does women, water and equality mean?

On this World Water Day, the United Nations has highlighted the importance of sustainable clean water as a foundation for women’s equality around the world.

Lasting clean water gives women the chance for:

What will you do this World Water Day in honor of water?

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