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Mark Steele

Creative Director

Mark is responsible for designing and producing all Blue Planet Network materials, seen in print and web, as well as driving creative strategy of communications, outreach and partner events. Mark has been part of Blue Planet Network since 2004.

Mark has spent 20 years in print and digital media and the past 12 years as principal of New Moon Multimedia, a design company specializing in interactive digital technology. Previously, Mark was the art director and production manager for MountainFreak Magazine, an international environmental and adventure culture journal. He has served as virtual art director for several companies and non-profit organizations. This includes the Valley Floor Preservation Partners, for whom he designed the identity system and web site that were instrumental in raising $25 million in just three months to preserve the open space entrance to Telluride, Colorado.

A musician, artist, wilderness athlete, and entrepreneur, Mark lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and young daughter. When not on the computer, he can be found playing, writing and recording music, painting, digging in the garden, or playing tag. He is usually it.