Blue Planet Network Programs and Services

Designed to increase the impact of water and sanitation projects and the financial support they attract

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Since 2006, Blue Planet Network has built a powerful suite of programs and services designed to increase the impact of water and sanitation projects worldwide. Each program is integrated into our online platform, supporting a global community of project implementers, funders and researchers, as well as the public, governments, and local communities in need of safe drinking water or sanitation.

Blue Planet Network programs directly address challenges that prevent lasting solutions to the global water and sanitation crisis:

  • Members actively collaborate to share learning, solve problems together and promote their good work
  • Anyone can source and apply the best ideas to solve real-world water and sanitation problems
  • Tools and training are available to measure and strengthen project maintenance and community leadership
  • Funders with specific objectives can be matched with high-potential projects and track the impact of their support

Blue Planet Network programs work together to help our members scale effective solutions to provide lasting clean water and sanitation for those in need.