Monitoring Tools & Services

Allowing members to cost-effectively track, report and sustain the long-term impact of their water projects.

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Blue Planet Network offers its members online and SMS Text Monitoring Services to help them track their water and sanitation projects. Members can quickly and easily enter project information online or send updates via SMS to report project milestones. These low-cost tools are helping to remedy project challenges, scale sustainable practices, and empower communities to take charge of their own water and sanitation solutions.

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Historically, project monitoring has been limited due to cost and complexity. Our monitoring services create clear, consistent and affordable ways to track project status and effectiveness.

Having easy-to-use monitoring tools is essential to quickly identify and resolve unforeseen project issues. Collecting and sharing the stories of how safe drinking water and sanitation transform communities also is a proven way to build broad support and continue project investment.

Using our platform for project monitoring, funders and the public are able to engage with a project's implementer and even the local community benefiting from the work. We give all member types simple ways to track a project's status online, thus understanding the human as well as the financial impact of their support. This is a powerful way for water and sanitation programs to build loyalty and continued investment.

It’s time to keep track!

"We need to track several indicators to see the sustainability of projects and what can be learned from changes in patterns over time. Blue Planet Network's SMS feature has made it possible for Project Well field staff to monitor projects monthly at the beginning and then quarterly."

-- Dr. Meera Hira-Smith, Executive Director, Project Well, West Bengal, India