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Connecting water and sanitation experts, funders and communities in need to share experience and ideas to strengthen their work.

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Blue Planet Network's global community of visionary organizations and funders have the combined experience of creating access to safe drinking water and sanitation for millions of people. Today, they are planning, managing and tracking projects supporting well over one million people using Blue Planet Network services. We empower our members to connect, collaborate and share innovative ideas so that everyone learns, proven models are scaled, challenges conquered and success stories celebrated. Working together, we have far more power than the sum of our parts.

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It’s time to collaborate!

"Blue Planet Network has shown that it is possible to scale and replicate community-based water projects around the world. This is hugely important when one of the major barriers to community–to–community learning has been cost and distance. BPN nurtures water leaders, creates knowledge and serves society across the globe. That's adding value indeed."

-- Isha Ray, Associate Professor, Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley


"The most important learning experience I've had from participating in this non-profit peer crowd-sourcing platform is that people on the ground don't want to be competitive, but the current philanthropic system forces them to work as individuals rather than with a collaborative mindset. BPN's technology platform connects and supports isolated funders and implementers from around the world, and collaboratively, transparently, and efficiently increases the impacts of our efforts to address global humanitarian and ecological crises."

-- Mike Williamson, Co-founder, Bank on Rain