Analytics and Impact Measurement

Helping members quickly evaluate the impact of their work and gain powerful insights to improve it.

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Blue Planet Network's Analytics program allows members to understand and increase the impact of their work. Water and sanitation projects can be evaluated in each phase of their life through a robust set of metrics that are easy to track. Project status can be tracked from visit to visit.

Analytics provides an easy and powerful way to view, sort and compare water and sanitation projects across locations, organizations and approaches. The different views, including maps, lists and graphs, allow anyone to view results in the way that is best for them.

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With Analytics, our members can promote the quality of their work and gain greater support for it. Funders can receive clear, data-driven evaluations of the projects they support. Greater, measurable content is available for shared learning across the water and sanitation sector.

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"I've seen nothing else like it, and think it offers serious potential for improving transparency, information available to users, and the ability to understand what really works in the real world."

-- Peter Gleick, President, Pacific Institute
Author of the biennial series: The World's Water