March 21, 2014

World Water Day 2014: Making Clean Water with Clean Energy

The theme of World Water Day 2014 is the power of clean water and energy to "fuel" community health and economic development. It takes energy to produce the clean water that nearly 780 million people worldwide still lack access to. But too often that energy source is neither clean nor efficient.

Cookstoves in Uganda

East Meets West and Blue Planet Network merged in order to have an even greater impact on issues, like water and energy, that we are committed to. With your support, we're working with local partners to incorporate clean energy sources into our water programs:

Solar panels

East Meets West is teaming up with a local water company in Vietnam's Mekong Delta to equip existing piped systems with solar energy panels, eliminating the use of fossil fuels in providing clean water to poor, rural communities.

Cookstove project

Blue Planet Network's member clean water initiative in Uganda includes training for women micro-entrepreneurs to promote the use of clean burning, fuel-efficient cookstoves in their communities.

These kinds of innovative, collaborative approaches get the clean water/clean energy balance right. EMW's experience in the field, combined with the knowledge sharing on Blue Planet Network by its 100+ member organizations, reinforces the value of partnering with local agencies and private enterprises, supporting innovative financing, verifying results, and using established networks to promote proven solutions that last.

This World Water Day, and every other day, we thank you for supporting our work to empower more people, in more places, with clean water.

Warm regards,

John Anner

John Anner
East Meets West

Lisa Nash

Lisa Nash
Executive Director
Blue Planet Network

PS Here are some great ways to get involved in World Water Day, Saturday, March 22: