October 22, 2013

Celebrating new partnerships for greater impact

Aqua for All supports Blue Planet Network and H20 Health Plus Uganda

Aqua For All
H2O Health Plus

Aqua for All supports Blue Planet Network and H20 Health Plus Uganda

Blue Planet Network is proud to partner with Aqua for All and our members, International Lifeline Fund and Africa Ahead on H20 Health Plus (H20+) in Uganda. H20+ is a program demonstrating the unique power of addressing core community health problems in a united way to provide measurable improvements in health, economic vitality and education. H2O+ is an integrated program providing safe drinking water, sanitation, clean cook stoves, community education and leadership training.

Aqua for All mobilizes resources, expertise and finances from the Dutch water sector toward development aid projects focused on water and sanitation. Aqua for All is supporting H2O+ through the creation of Community Health Clubs to teach the importance of clean water and sanitation. H2O+ also will train women to become community leaders and entrepreneurs. Aqua for All also is supporting the expansion of Blue Planet Network's data capabilities to be able to track program progress, results and impacts. The goal is to pilot this program in northern Uganda and then expand it country-wide.

2012 Annual Report

Blue Planet Network's captivating 2012 Annual Report

See the impact of your support. Get inspired! Read the stories of water projects and how you have touched so many lives. Discover how Blue Planet Network's programs are impacting more than 100 member organizations in 27 countries. Understand how, together, as one global community, we are empowering millions of people with safe drinking water. Read the report.

Blue Planet Network shares lessons at the premier U.S. water conference

On October 14, Blue Planet Network and The Partnerships Advisory held a half-day session, "Smarter Sector Scaling – Where Are The Road Maps?" at the University of North Carolina's 2013 Water and Health Conference. The session focused on collaboration and how to scale the impact of water and sanitation action plans for organizations, donors, governments, academics and project communities.

Merger Update

Update on Blue Planet Network-East Meets West

It has been about six weeks since our merger with East Meets West. We are excited to report that all is proceeding smoothly. Our goal – to speed up innovation and impact in the water and sanitation sector – will be realized by combining East Meets West's proven programs with Blue Planet Network's global expert community and award-winning services. Reaction to our merger announcement at World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden last month was very positive. There is great interest among other nonprofits to follow our progress and adopt lessons learned to improve their own impact. Read more.