December 18, 2013

Important Year-End Blue Planet Network News

A transition for the future, completion of our largest-ever peer evaluation round, updates to major areas of the Peer Water Exchange and our monitoring services

Member Update
Rajesh Shah

Rajesh Shah, the Head of Blue Planet Network's Water Programs, and the inventor of the Peer Water Exchange, has worked with our members since 2006 to build a community of learning and action in the water and sanitation sector. Rajesh is passionate about seeking knowledge from all, and ensuring that the Peer Water Exchange is a platform that continually evolves, based on how we can best support our members' programs and objectives.

Rajesh has much to be proud of in his 12 years with Blue Planet Network and we are grateful for his leadership. As of 1 January 2014, Rajesh will be leaving Blue Planet Network to work on sustainability issues closer to home in Bangalore. He will remain a senior advisor to Blue Planet Network. We look forward to Rajesh continuing as an active participant in our peer evaluations. He, however, will end his day-to-day responsibilities for Blue Planet Network and the Peer Water Exchange.

Georgia Davis

To ensure the continued growth and health of the Blue Planet Network community, Rajesh and I are pleased to introduce Ms. Georgia Davis, who will become Blue Planet Network's Network Community Manager as of 1 January 2014. Georgia currently is a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for East Meets West, a Blue Planet Network member since 2006, and our partner since Blue Planet Network and East Meets West merged in September 2013. Georgia has worked in all aspects of EMW's WASH programs in Vietnam and Cambodia. She brings an understanding of real challenges faced in the field, information management challenges faced internally and between NGOs, and a working experience of how Blue Planet Network can help.

Georgia will assume all of Rajesh's responsibilities. Georgia already has been working closely with Rajesh and the Bangalore team to come up to speed on the Peer Water Exchange, and has spoken with several members. She looks forward to reaching out to all of our members in the coming weeks to understand how Blue Planet Network can serve them better while continuing to promote member learning and achievements across our community and to the world.

This transition comes at a time of much good news at Blue Planet Network, thanks to the efforts and commitment of our members. We have just finished our largest-ever peer evaluation round, where members gave input on over $1 million of water and sanitation plans and came away with new insights for their own work. The discussions that occurred were exciting and full of the kind of knowledge exchange that benefits all. Our members have helped to grow Blue Planet Network to 110 organizations working in 27 countries around the world. We are unified in working toward lasting solutions that engage communities and are appropriate for their long-term needs.

Peer Review

We have updated the major areas of the Peer Water Exchange and expanded our SMS and Android monitoring services, based on member feedback, to give everyone the best tools possible to plan, manage, monitor, analyze and share their work with others. At the end of Q1 2014, we will be introducing a new online platform, the successor to the Peer Water Exchange, to take advantage of technology advances and ensure the best experience for our members. This new platform has been developed with the input of our most active members. We will continue to expand it to help all of our members make their programs as effective as possible and showcase their quality work to the world.

On behalf of everyone in the Blue Planet Network community, I would like to thank Rajesh for his service and his heart-felt commitment to doing whatever it takes to eradicate the global water and sanitation crisis. I welcome Georgia to her new responsibilities and ask all our members to share your thoughts and energies with her, as you have with Rajesh and me.

Blue Planet Network staff

Thanks to each of our members for all you do every day to ensure lasting safe drinking water and sanitation to those in need and for working together with each other and Blue Planet Network to improve our collective effort and impact.

With my deepest appreciation,
Lisa Nash
Executive Director
Blue Planet Network