October 28, 2015

Thanks and Farewell from Lisa Diaz Nash

Blue Planet Network's Executive Director off on her next "adventure"

Thanks and Farewell from Lisa Nash

After nearly eight years of leading Blue Planet Network, I am leaving for my next “adventure,” this time as part of a national political campaign. It has been my honor and privilege to work with a great team of people to help our 115 member organizations enable lasting clean water and sanitation for over two million people in 27 countries. It also has been my greatest happiness to share their challenges and accomplishments to you.

I have learned so much from our members. We have tried to bring you the most powerful stories of water from the communities they serve. Whether Uganda or Nicaragua, Vietnam or India or California, lasting access to clean water and sanitation brings health, time to get an education and the opportunity to make a better life. What better investment can you make?

Let me now introduce you to Jeff Albert, Vice President of Thrive Water, who will be Blue Planet Network’s new leader. Jeff has over 20 years of global water experience, most recently as co-founder of Aquaya, a nonprofit water and sanitation-focused research and consulting organization that has operated in 23 countries across the developing world. I know Jeff and the Blue Planet Network team will continue to help our members improve their work and bring their impact to you. Please give them the same wonderful support you have given me. Continue to spread the word about the need to preserve our global clean water supply and make it available for those in need!

My personal thanks and best wishes to you,

Lisa Nash

P.S. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out my recent talk at the TEDx DavisSt TED Women event on the power of clean water to change the lives of women and girls and how you can help.