Blue Planet Network global messenger Rudy Van Prooyen is on the road again for water!

This year, Rudy will take on the terrain of the Great Lakes region throughout the USA and Canada. He will bike 7,000 miles, bringing his total mileage covered in the name of safe drinking water to 36,000 miles over six summers!

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Blue Planet Run 2007

In 2007, Rudy Van Prooyen joined 20 runners from around the world to deliver a message about the importance of safe drinking water, launching Blue Planet Network with the first ever around-the-world relay, Blue Planet Run. Since then, Rudy has remained committed to the cause, taking his message on the road each summer on self-supported bicycle trips to drum up awareness and funding for safe drinking water projects.

Rudy's epic Blue Planet Ride this year will circumnavigate all five Great Lakes through the USA and Canada. The "Great Lakes Circle Tour" is a self-supported solo bike ride that begins in his hometown near Tucson, Arizona and travels north via El Paso, Texas to Chicago at which point it will follow the shores of the Great Lakes via parts of America's historic byways, established cycling routes and other passages of interests. The ride will take 100 days, and is 7,000 miles long.

"I was fortunate to be selected as one of those runners and reflecting now on this epic ninety-five day event on the run for safe drinking water," says Rudy, "I can only feel fortunate and blessed to have been part of such an important initiative."

The History of Rudy's Blue Planet Ride

Rudy in Netherlands

Rudy leads a group of students in Terneuzen, Netherlands on a portion of the Blue Planet Run 2007.

Rudy 2013 Tour

Rudy is excited to take on the challenges of this year's adventure ride and in the process he hopes to draw attention to a worldwide humanitarian crisis that could easily be solved in our lifetime. You can follow his solo Great Lakes trek on his Facebook Page Blue Planet Ride or track his tour here. He has a fundraising goal of $5,000 (and would like to exceed this!) to benefit safe drinking water projects around the world. To be a messenger and help grow awareness for this cause you can "like" Rudy's Facebook page, share his posts with friends and family, and make a donation if you can! You can also invite Rudy to give a presentation, share a meal or tall glass of water, or set up a meet and greet.

Please help support Rudy's 2014 Blue Planet Ride! All donations will go directly to Blue Planet Network safe drinking water projects.

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