We have much to be thankful for this season...
1,373,000 people have benefited from water and sanitation projects implemented and now tracked
by our network – an increase of 37% in 2013.
Our members in India sent over 500 text messages to report on 20 water projects to ensure their communities benefit long term.
We had our largest Peer Evaluation learning round since 2006
to improve member projects – 23 members submitted 35 projects in 12 countries totaling $1.2 million.
Thanks to our many volunteer photographers, we launched
a captivating gallery of water projects benefiting rural communities globally.
In September, we merged with East Meets West to accelerate global impact across the water sector and become the sector's leading innovation hub.
And all of this means ...
more safe drinking water
people leading
healthier lives
Empowered Communities
and more
Special thanks to our 107 member organizations for their outstanding work and to our many generous and talented photographers: Rudi Dundas, Chris Majors, Dean Forbes, Sylvia Michiels, Sara Cozolino, Christine Krieg, Maria Bartum, Jeremy Jeziorski, Jim Barker, and many more.
And our deepest thanks to all of you, our Blue Planet Network community, who support our work financially, spread the word every day, and help others understand how important it is to solve the global water crisis once and for all.

Thanks to you, and our global community of 107 water members, we are celebrating more than 1,373,000 lives improved by safe drinking water and sanitation. This is 1.37 MM people across 2,665 communities in 27 countries who can now lead healthier lives and build stronger futures.

Water is life. Pass it on.


As the excitement of 2013 ends, we want to close this year by saying thank you. Because really and truly, we are grateful.
We're grateful for each and every person who dedicates his/her time, energy, money, and passion to the safe drinking water cause. Thank you to our 107 network members in 27 countries and our many funders who have used our services to empower millions of people with safe drinking water and/or sanitation. 

Together, with your invaluable support, we are making a brighter future possible for many, especially the women and children who waste 200 million hours daily lugging water. We are excited to continue offering even more innovative online services to scale the impact of water programs, and look to our supporters to help make that happen. We thank you for being part of our vision to increase the opportunities that sustainable clean water brings and to saying yes when people need us the most.

With much thanks,

Lisa Nash

Executive Director
Blue Planet Network
A program of Thrive Networks

Water is life. Pass it on.


The growing impact of Blue Planet Network’s community
demonstrates what is possible thanks to you.


Our global community of leading organizations sharing insights and results.


The number of communities in 27 countries supported by our member programs on Blue Planet Network.


Transformed lives due to our members’ water and sanitation 1,900 projects tracked on Blue Planet Network.


The amount of program data on Blue Planet Network to analyze and learn from.

Water is life. Pass it on.


This collection of volunteer-powered photo essays highlight what water means to the communities where our members work. See the impact of your support and our members' projects. Visit Site